Friday, July 7, 2017

Students Say “Millionaire” Mascot is Divisive

Todd Starnes Jul 07, 2017

Many years ago - Americans of wealth and privilege leisured in a place called Lenox, Massachusetts.
Over the years, many of them gave back by lavishing the community with philanthropy. They built a school and purchased uniforms for local children.The Berkshire Eagle reported that the millionaires were central to the survival of the town after many citizens left to fight in the wars.

As a way of recognizing the kindness and generosity of their benefactors, Lenox Memorial Middle and High School named its mascot – “The Millionaires.”..............It's unfortunate the kids at Lenox High School are ashamed of the prosperity that built their school and put clothes on their backs.  But since they are shopping for a new moniker, perhaps I could offer some suggestions. How about the Lenox High School Mighty Paupers or the Fighting Food Stampers?.......To Read More....

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