Friday, July 7, 2017

Education's Questions For the Day!

By Rich Kozlovich

Education has become such a sacred cow few want to do anything to fix it because they refuse to recognize it's broken.  And it's broken at every level of education in the nation - starting with primary education through so-called higher education.  Education in this country is a failure and it's become an amazingly expensive failure, a failure for which the government can take complete credit.

Here are some questions and answers you might find worth thinking about.

1.  How many people in the United States are struggling with student loan debt?
  • Approximately 44 million
2. How much is owed?
  • 1 Trillion.
3.  How many have stopped paying anything back?
  • 8 Million
4.  How much do they owe?
  • 137 Million
5.  Up to how much does the government pay debt collectors to get the money back from those who've defaulted?
  • $1,700
6. Under this system how much does it cost for every dollar collected?
Here's the source for this information and of course the answer leftists want is to forgive all the debt these people have accumulated.  My answer is this has turned out to be a failure at so many levels the government needs to get out of the student loan business. 

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