Saturday, July 15, 2017

Jesse Jackson Joins “Resistance”, Claims Hillary “Won” Election, Had it Stolen

By Andrew West July 14, 2017

The democrats have become one of the most conspiratorial organizations in the nation in 2017, with a great many of their cockamamy theories revolving around Hillary Clinton. During the election of 2016, the left was on the attack. As free press journalists cried out for health records regarding Clinton, who famously collapsed during a 9/11 remembrance ceremony and whose former Secret Service agents revealed that she was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, the democrats and their mainstream media operatives were dispatched to dispel these concerns. Many who sought the truth on Hillary’s health were labeled conspiracy theorists, “fake news” mongers, or worse. .........Jackson’s words are indicative of the bewildering attitude of the left as of late, with anger and denial at the forefront............ To Read More...... 

My Take - And they're interviewing this corrupt con artist why?  Does anyone really care what he says?  Does anyone really believe the things he says?  Does he really believe the things he says?  The media has been as corrupt as Jackson because they've known all along he's nothing but a street hustler getting as much as he can by race baiting, and yet they present him as a representative of black America with real insights and solutions.  And now another four person panel on CNN demonstrates their real concern about Trump?  How he shakes hands. 

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