Friday, July 14, 2017

In China Nothing is as it Seems!

By Rich Kozlovich

I subscribe to Geopolitical Futures and get regular e-mail reports of what's going on in the world, and believe me - there's so much going on you never hear about in the news it makes a reader despise the media even more.  Events catch the public by surprise because the public isn't being informed properly. 
On July 12th I received this update on China by George Friedman entitled, In China, a Strategy Born of Weakness which appeared first on Geopolitical Futures, which I thought was well done.

Here is the map provided with the article showing China's regions.

China is not an homogeneous nation.  You will notice the bulk of China isn't all that productive as it's either mountainous or arid, and the people living in those areas consider the central government illegitimate and hate the ethnic Han who make up the government and the core of China, which is an area no bigger than the land mass East of the Mississippi River in the U.S. 

China's not a truly unified nation and could easily erupt into a nation regionally run by warlords, as it was not that many decades ago.  The murderous imperialism of the communists under Mao ended that, but that didn't change the ethnic make up of the nation or the societal paradigms that exist beneath the surface. 

Their economy is export based and when the world economy takes a dive China faces internal problems they've been able to kick down the road, but that won't last forever. 

They keep sending mixed signals to their neighbors.  They would like to create an economic hegemony with it's neighbors while at the same time threatening them with their military - that's the real goal for building carriers.  Intimidate their neighbors into becoming friends. 

Strange attitude but understandable since China's leaders are murderous Communist thugs who think they can bully people into becoming friends.  Friends they wish to exploit and abuse for their own benefit and yet expect these "friends" to be grateful and ignorant of Chinese goals.

That's why they play this cat and mouse game with the U.S. but China will  do nothing of any real importance in N. Korea, now or in the near future. 

China isn't a world leader - China's a paper tiger and is highly over rated in anything that rates the value of a nation.  They can't feed themselves, can't fuel themselves, their technology is backward and after they get their carriers up and running they'll be just as bad as the Russian carriers - which it appears their technology is based on. 

So they can't really arm themselves properly and can only defend themselves internally, with no real ability to extend their power except for small "object lesson" wars as they did with India in the 60's, and their economy is sure to collapse at the first whiff of world wide economic downturn - which I anticipate within five years.

China's future?   Burnt toast!


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