Saturday, July 1, 2017

How US NGOs are exploiting Europe’s precautionary chemophobia to ban glyphosate and GMOs


The life of an environmental activist in Washington is pretty tough.

The US government does not give her millions of dollars to hold secret meetings. (My Take - Actually the government does give huge amounts of money to NGO's in America, but the real money comes from these tax free foundations like the Tides Foundation)

The risk-based regulatory process means she has to produce evidence to get anyone to listen to her............Their logic is simple. If you are a paid-up lobbyist for the organic food industry running a Washington-based NGO, you are fighting a Congress full of representatives and senators from farming states (California and New York will only deliver four votes on the Senate floor), you have no benchmark for success and can only measure progress by baby steps. Without any scientific evidence or grassroots support, nobody outside of label-happy California takes your fear campaigns seriously. But if you can ban your target substances (glyphosate and certain neonicotinoids are the flavours of the month) in the influence rich but lawyer-weak left-leaning European Commission, you then take that feather in your cap back to DC and try to build regulatory momentum.

So it is off to Brussels to run an American campaign............To Read More....Much More....A version of this article appeared on the Risk-Monger blog as “Carpetbaggers: American NGO Activists in Brussels” and has been republished here with permission from the author. 

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