Friday, July 14, 2017

Confidence in Hillary Abysmal Among Dems in 2020 Hypotheticals

By Andrew West July 13, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run for the presidency isn’t the only embarrassment that the democratic criminal is facing in recent months. Clinton, whose campaign was plagued by leaked scandals and an American conservative uprising, has instinctively laid low in the months following the election.

The democratic deity, second only to former President Barack Obama, has been at the center of several salacious accusations, not the least of which involve her collusion with the DNC in order to effectively squash the hopes of Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

Now as the democratic party attempts to regroup, and pretend that their organization will last another 3 years without total implosion, the hypotheticals of the 2020 election are creeping into the vernacular. In one such scenario, Hillary Clinton would possibly get another shot at defeating The Donald, however, the democrats aren’t so sure about the strategy there. ......To Read More....

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