Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Climate Hoaxers Receive Bombshell of Bad News In New Study

 By Andrew West July 10, 2017

The political left and their globalist overlords have been relying on seriously faulty data to perpetrate the global warming hoax, according to a new study. As far as the concept of globalism goes, the climate change hoax is one of the most valuable tools available. The goal of these anti-sovereignty types is to unite global governments under a new umbrella, previously referred to in different iterations as a New World Order, wherein a massive amount of power is consolidated into the hands of a few malleable individuals. That way, the rights and opinions of the global population are no longer in opposition to the whims of this elitist cabal who will work tirelessly to influence this consolidated power structure for their own success.

.Sure, this theory seemed slightly off-kilter when it was first introduced decades ago.  Now, however, evidence is piling up that contradict a great many globalist-invented doomsday scenarios, leading experts to believe that the entire convoluted scheme by be rooted very much in reality.  The latest study on climate change has reiterated that concern, calling into question nearly everything we know about the global warming hoax...........To Read More....

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