Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Bomb Explodes the Global Warming Myth

By Adrian Vance July 11, 2017

A simple device assembled for less than three dollars, discounting the soda you consume, can end an era that has cost America more than $1 trillion! This “bomb” does not explode: It implodes the myth of “global warming.”  The device sits on a south-facing window sill on a sunny noon hour with a clear blue sky.  It is a 2.5 liter soda bottle, rinsed clean of the sugary fluid it contained.  It has 325 milliliters of water as the volume was 2,725 milliliters and it now contains 2,400 milliliters of air.

The cap has two holes made by a quarter inch shaft Phillips screwdriver heated for 20 seconds over a candle.  In one hole there is a basic laboratory thermometer with a range of -10° Celsius to +110º Celsius.  It has a foil collar shading a thermometer showing 20º Celsius degrees. We will add CO2 to see what happens to the temperature of the air in the flask.

Some scientists say the temperature will rise while others argue it will not or even fall!  This device settles the “global warming” issue in the way of science: experimentally.  Physical science shows with great precision what happens when we turn to “stoichiometry,” the quantitative relationships of the reactants as we have refined this work for over 2,000 years.............To Read More...

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