Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why bother voting for Republicans?

Controlling the legislative and executive branches of the federal government means nothing.  It’s as if the Democrats were still in charge.
By Brian C. Joondeph May 2, 2017

Once again, congressional Republicans delivered a swift kick to the crotch of their voters, in the form of their proposed budget this week.  Congressional big spenders reached a deal Sunday, with a bill over 1,600 pages in length.  Almost as long as Obamacare.  But at least it's a budget.  Last year, Congress had no budget, instead papering over their fiscal irresponsibility via temporary spending measures. 

Since this budget is proposed by the Republican Congress, with the expectation of the Republican president signing it into law, one would reasonably expect that the budget represents Republican priorities – funding programs promoted on the campaign trail and cutting or eliminating spending which they campaigned against..........Good to know that leaders of the political party that lost over 1,200 elected seats over the past eight years got much of what they wanted in the budget and are pleased............Read more

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