Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rest Easy, Dad: Your FBI Will Survive

Jeff Goodson

The damage done to the Bureau’s credibility and independence under the directorship of James Comey runs deep, and his termination was way overdue. More

My Take - Many years ago a good friend of mine became the boss at one of the local major network television stations - one that had been in the red forever.  The first thing he did was clean house and was roundly criticized by the local media for his moves claiming he was unqualified because he was nothing more than a "salesman".  Well - by the time the left he had increased revenue 8 times.  That's 800%.  The reality is when you have a dysfunctional organization the reason it's dysfunctional is because of the people running it and many of the people working there.  The solution - fire them!

Those at the agency who think they're going to fight Trump are in for a rude awakening standing in the unemployment line.  Welcome to the world of clear decision making!

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