Friday, May 12, 2017

OPEC on Verge of Collapse; Asks US to Decrease Production (But No...)

Posted on Friday the 12th of May 2017, by Alice Greene : Staff Writer

Last December, OPEC and allied oil producers agreed to cut production by 1.8 million bpd in a desperate attempt to shrink global supply and rebalance the market.  The effort began on January 1st, 2017 and was scheduled to last for 6 months. As OPEC's biggest producer, Saudi Arabia agreed to cut production by a staggering ...More

My Take - The irony of it all.  These tyrants have had entirely too much influence on the world's economy for too many decades and we can blame the greenies and the federal government for this. 

We've known for decades there was plenty of oil in the boundaries of the United States alone to offset their machinations but the Republican party lacked the courage to tell the greenies to shove it and "just drill", and the Democrat party was - and is still - complicit with the greenies to the point of treason.  Now that's changed with fraking and the traitors in the federal government can't do anything about it because this is taking place on private property. 

Now these arrogant middle eastern manipulators are crying crocodile tears wanting the very countries they've manipulated to stop interfering with their ability to manipulate.  Well, that's not going to happen and I'm expecting to see these governments overturned by the very radicals they've been financially supporting.  And I'm expecting that within five years. 

We have to come to this a few incontrovertible conclusions: 
  • The middle east is not civilized.  
  • It's not stable.
  • It will never be stable.
  • They have no moral foundation other than Islam and that allows them to do all the terrible things they're doing and the vast majority of Muslims are in agreement with their goals and actions. 
  • These are middle age tribal societies with modern weapons, modern transportation and modern communications. 
  • These tribes, often times subscribing to different sects of Islam, hate each other as much as they hate non-believers since they consider them heretics deserving of death, which is why there's no peace in Muslim controlled countries. 
  • The only way to stop these Muslim terrorists is to keep them poor, keep them isolated, keep them unarmed as much as possible, and keep them over there. 
  • Once the Muslim world's energy revenue stops - or at the very least is seriously reduced - the world will be a far safer and better place. 
But there's one more thing we absolutely have to recognize. 
  • These so-called "radical" Islamists are only the symptom. 
  • The problem is Islam. 

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