Monday, May 15, 2017

How snowflake millennials are INFURIATING their senior colleagues with their workplace antics and why they really DO need to know their place.

By William Hanson for Mail Online 12 May 2017

The millennial generation are not to blame for their entitled and self-aggrandising behaviour – that’s the fault of their parents and upbringing.  What the millennials can do, however, is to adapt their behaviour and modify their instincts to get on and progress in the workplace.  So, Generation Y, I present you with some immediate suggestions and improvements you can make, starting today.
Know your place!
You may have been captain of the rugby team at school, a pretty big deal with your university’s social committee; your parents may be oozing with pride for you, but, millennials, when you join a firm in a graduate position you are bottom of the pile.
Get used to it or get out.
You’ll rise through the ranks in due course, but do not enter the work environment thinking or behaving like you are still a BNOC. You need to start over and prove yourself from scratch.
Sorry, it’s not all about you.

Face time
Shake it off
Stop messing around
Crossing the line
Deadlines: mother’s not here to help now
Open office – open ears
Charity mugging
Entitled fridges ...........To Read More.....

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