Monday, May 15, 2017

David Horowitz: 'Democrats Are Blinded By Their Hate'

By Michael W. Chapman May 10, 2017

 Author, historian, and activist David Horowiz, a red diaper baby who turned right in the late 1970s, criticized the Democratic Party for practicing "identity politics," which he said is "racist and anti-American" and fueld by hatred......The Democrats are blinded by their hate. It’s a party of hate. That’s all it runs on – hate and character assassination. And they lie about everything.”.....“I remember when Trump was appointing people to the cabinet. Everyone was a racist, everyone was an anti-Semite, everyone was a homophobe, everyone was horrible. They had not one nice thing to say about one appointee.”............"It is a racist party, the Democratic Party, and America has finally gotten fed up with it.”........Read More....

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