Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Convicted Transgender Traitor ‘Chelsea Manning’ to Remain Active Duty

Written by Keely Sharp

Private Chelsea Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning), the transgender soldier who was convicted of illegally disclosing classified information, back in 2013, will stay on active duty once she is released from prison on Wednesday. Manning has only served seven years of her 35 year sentence for leaking sensitive government information to WikiLeaks.

Lieutenant Col. Jennifer Johnson, a spokeswoman for the army said that until appellate review for Manning’s court material conviction is over, then she will be on “excess leave.” During this time, Manning will not be paid, but will have access to military medical care. Which means she will be able to continue taking hormone treatments via military benefits.

Johnson stated,  “In an active-duty status, although in an unpaid status, Manning is eligible for direct care at medical treatment facilities, commissary privileges, morale welfare and recreation privileges, and exchange privileges.”..........To Read More....

My TakeWe have lost our minds and it would appear insanity is now the new societal paradigm. 

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