Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Chicago Facing Mass Exodus As City Transforms Into Gang-Ridden Hellscape

By Andrew West May 9, 2017

Within only a few generations, we could all be looking back at the defunct city of Chicago as a cautionary tales against liberalism and gun control. The Windy City, which enacted an ill-advised and deceptively dangerous handgun ban three decades ago, has been the premiere American city for homicides and gang violence for a vast majority of that same time frame.

The old adage stating that once you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns, has never been more true than it is in Chicago today. Chicago’s murder rate is unfathomable, with the city breaking the 200-homicide mark for 2017 early this week. That equates to over one and a half murders per day for far in 2017. Now, with Illinois’ capital completely spiraling out of control in terms of law and order, it looks as thought Chicago might soon be evacuated by its saner residents......To Read More...

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