Thursday, May 11, 2017

Are Microbiologists Climate-Denying Science Haters?

By Alex Berezow — May 4, 2017

Recently, I gave a seminar on "fake news" to professors and grad students at a large public university. Early in my talk, I polled the audience: "How many of you believe climate change is the world's #1 threat?"

Silence. Not a single person raised his or her hand.

Was I speaking in front of a group of science deniers? The College Republicans? Some fringe libertarian club? No, it was a room full of microbiologists.

How could so many incredibly intelligent people overwhelmingly reject what THE SCIENCE says about climate change? Well, they don't. They just don't see it as big of a threat to the world as other things. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them felt that antibiotic resistance and pandemic disease were the biggest global threats. One person thought geopolitical instability was the biggest concern......To Read More.....

My Take - The article creates a firestorm of comments about the claime  97% of scientists agree on Anthropogenic Global Warming, but that figure is a logical fallacy.....and a lie of omission. The information exposing that fruad has been available for some time so there's no excuse for touting a number we know factually to be inaccurate.   Here's my article, How Many Constitute 97%?

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