Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Left's War of the Words! Part II

By Rich Kozlovich

The election of Donald Trump was amazing, but that event alone is part of an amazing series of events.  First - The Donald won - that made all the fragile college educated snowflakes cry their little eyes out demanding safe places with ice cream and pet therapy.  It exposed all the leftists in the news media for being as arrogant, stupid and as hypocritical as I knew they were.  Exposed leftist politicians as hypocrites to the tenth power and that brought us to Jill Stein. 

I like Jill Stein, even though I think she's a loon, and there are those who decry Jill Stein's effort at voter recounts in some states - and that criticism is totally justified because she can't win - no matter what - and it's only being done in states won by Trump with massive majorities, while none of states won by small margins by Hillary are being challenged.  

And the reason for this action? 

She wants the nation to be assured the system isn't corrupt.  Right!!!!  Did I hear the word conspiracy?  Nah....we all know conspiracies can only be right wing conspiracies...and vast! 

But I think this is a good thing.  Because now the left is saying the very things Trump said all during the election and was mocked for it.  The system is rigged!  Amazing....don't you think?  And that gives him a reason to work at investigating voter fraud, work at fixing it, and if the left complains - they will look even more ridiculous than they've always looked.  One more thing. There has never been one iota of evidence that voter I.D. has ever prevented any minority from legitimately voting or retarded minority voting. 

To further expose the hypocrisy of the left their favorite commmie died - Fidel Castro - and their out pouring of affection and respect for him knew no least until they were excoriated by the vast majority of people pointing out what a monster he was. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must have been feeling the heat for his pandering comments. "Mr Trudeau will not attend Fidel Castro's funeral in Cuba this week, despite the decades-long friendship between his father and the former Cuban communist leader."

The left loved and admired Fidel, a murderous tyrannical monster, but hate and fear Trump, a successful businessman. Amazing....don't you think?  But the left is now and has always been great at ignoring or diffusing reality and truth.  Let's take their use of words.

Leftist want us to "invest in the future".  Okay....I'm all for that except that's not what they really mean.  These investments are plans to redistribute the wealth of the producers and find ways to give it to non producers, which they do with taxes and by spending borrowed money - now to the tune of twenty trillion dollars.  But that's the tip of the ice berg.  What about the trillions of dollars they stolen ..... ooops, my bad.....borrowed from Social Security?  Money they never intended to pay back. 

Then there's "community initiatives", which amounts to nothing more than " handouts and services for minorities only".  Let's call this for what it is.  Bribes! All promoted by " community organizers".

What exactly is a community organizer?  Community organizers are communist agitators, troublemakers, radicals and anarchists who don't seem to have jobs,  giving them time to work diligently at destroying capitalism, the Constitution and the United States - thereby creating a socialist paradise. 

Like Venezuela! 

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