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Press Release From the Buckeye Institute

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE      November 30, 2016

Reforming Asset Forfeiture and Defending Property Rights
COLUMBUS, OHIO--On Wednesday, The Buckeye Institute's President and CEO, Robert Alt testified before the Ohio Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee on Amended House Bill 347, which would substantially reform Ohio's civil asset forfeiture laws. Read his full testimony here.
A broad range of organizations, along with an overwhelming majority of Ohioans, have continually expressed support for the proposed reforms.
In addition to Alt's testimony, The Buckeye Institute's Daniel Dew co-authored an op-ed in the Cincinnati Enquirer today, stating that the bill would curb an ongoing assault on private property.
The Columbus Dispatch cited Buckeye's testimony and reported that this bill is poised to pass next week, despite continued opposition from law enforcement and prosecutors.
Alt explained in his testimony that these reforms would be a significant step in defending the property rights of Ohio's citizens, since they return asset forfeiture to its original purpose without "impeding law enforcement's ability to prevent crime, pursue criminals, and secure convictions."
Suggestions were made during the hearings to align Ohio to misguided and non-indexed for inflation federal standards. Buckeye's President and CEO Robert Alt has a simple message in response: "We do things better in Ohio. We don't need to look to Washington for guidance. We can create better and fairer solutions right here in Columbus and, in doing so, set the standard for the entire nation on an issue that needs to be fixed. We can protect private property rights for our citizens, and still ensure that crime doesn't pay."
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BACKGROUND: Founded in 1989, The Buckeye Institute is an independent research and educational institution--a think tank--whose mission is to advance free-market public policy in the states.
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