Saturday, December 3, 2016

McDonald's will install self-serve kiosks at locations nationwide

By Rick Moran

In light of several cities passing $15-an-hour minimum wage laws, McDonald's will install self-serve kiosks at many locations around the country.  Wendy's has already gone the automated ordering route, and the fast food outlets are seriously considering it.

Supporters of the $15 hourly wage claim that few jobs will be lost as  result of automation.  They say the self-serve kiosks will make workers more efficient in dealing with the ordering process.  That may be true (as explained here).  But the near doubling of the minimum wage in most cities will be done incrementally, ostensibly to soften the blow to businesses. But that kind of thinking ignores the flash point where labor costs cannot be compensated for by raising prices. Eventually, something is going to have to give........ More

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