Monday, December 5, 2016

IQ is Unmentionable

John Craig, Just Not Said, November 26, 2016

IQ brings liberalism crashing down. That’s why we never hear about it.    The extent to which IQ has simply disappeared from public discourse has been amazing. It’s not even mentioned in the context of noting how those horrible racists think there’s a genetic difference between the races when it comes to intelligence.

It has simply disappeared.

It’s almost as if the Left realizes that they’ve lost the nature/nurture argument, so feel it’s best to just not bring up the subject..........As the evidence accumulated, eventually it became plain that intelligence is largely genetic in origin. All the studies comparing IQ differences between adoptive siblings and biological siblings, or between separated identical twins and regular siblings raised together, pointed in the same direction. And every sophisticated mathematical analysis applied to studies of IQ pointed toward regression to a different mean for each race............To Read More....

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