Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dianne Abbot – Britain's Most Racist Politician

By Paul Austin Murphy

For those Americans who've never heard of Diane Abbott: she's a high-ranking and well-known British politician. In October, the British Labour Party appointed her as Shadow Home Secretary. (She first became a Member of Parliament in 1987.)

Abbott was given the job of Shadow Home Secretary by the “radical” Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Abbott had a relationship with Corbyn in the late 1970s. Rather predictably, Dianne Abbott is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter.

She recently addressed a meeting on the subject organised by the Socialist Workers' Party offshoot, Stand Up To Racism. It also seems that Abbott's a keen fan of the “race-baiter” Al Sharpton, whom she met in October. (Abbott has been called “Britain's Al Sharpton”.) ........Read more

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