Thursday, December 1, 2016

California GOP’s Final Death Throes


It’s now clear that California Democrats have gained supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature, meaning they can raise taxes without needing to woo any Republican votes.

The state Republican Party has long abandoned hope of ever gaining majorities, but each year it fights to preserve some semblance of power (or dignity) by maintaining a third of the membership in each chamber. The California GOP......Republicans can still win in heavily Republican gerrymandered districts...... the GOP takes the safe route by putting up law-and-order types backed by the police unions (forget about pension reform!) or farmers in rural districts. Those legislators give lots of floor speeches referring to the Constitution, but tend to be mocked or ignored by the Democratic leadership.........

The latter point is crucial: California’s middle class keeps fleeing. It’s something of a death spiral, from a political perspective. The more people leave, the more Democratic California becomes. And the more people leave. That leaves the path forward for Republicans more hopeless than ever, especially in the new world of Democratic supermajorities. Perhaps the GOP should just close up shop here, given there’s nothing it can do to change things......To Read More......

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