Thursday, December 1, 2016

Begging for voter fraud

By Robert Arvay

Democrats are complaining that Hillary Clinton may have lost the election due to voter fraud. It is ironic that they complain only now, when the policies they approved have left many doors wide open to fraud -- in favor of Democrats.

One such open door is “touch-screen” voting, an electronic system that leaves no paper trail, and therefore, no foolproof way to audit the process. Other invitations to fraud include so-called “motor-voter” registration, especially when one can both register and vote on the same day.

There is no question that illegal aliens are voting, and voting overwhelmingly Democrat. With millions of illegals in the U.S., the potential for swinging an election is probable. Ballots printed in Spanish facilitate illegal votes.

Worse yet, the instances of voter fraud are both foreseeable and preventable. Any first-year civics student could devise a more secure system of voting than the one we have. For example, voter ID cards (with photo and fingerprint) could be issued by the federal government for use in all federal elections. Proof of citizenship would of course be required.

When voting, two paper forms would be given to the voter, one with the voter ID number, and the other the anonymous ballot. These would then be deposited in separate boxes which would be kept under lock and key, controlled by partisan observers of all parties concerned. While no specific connection exists between the voter ID and the vote, it will be easy to make sure the actual number of ballots match the number of voter IDs. Precincts with 110 percent voter turnout could be prevented.....To Read More....


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