Saturday, December 3, 2016

1875: The Global Warming Solution

Tony Collins

Let’s assume global warming is real. Correct or not, we will start today with that supposition. Assume with me that there is a problem for a moment so that we may discuss tangible solutions. Let us start by defining our terminology, as the concept of "climate change" tends to drift to fit the data—the true hallmark of scientific rigor.

Also, potentially, parts of coastal California will eventually fall into the ocean. This is apparently to be taken as a bad thing, but must depend on one's perspective.......But the argument—THE argument—is that this needs to be solved immediately; not that we have a couple hundred years of wiggle room.  We are already past the date when New York was supposed to sink and landfall hurricanes would be an annual occurrence.  Unless we can switch to solar and wind power tomorrow, an immediate reduction in emissions of 96% should just about suffice in their place.........If climate change exists, ideally we have to accomplish a solution on an individual basis.  Each person who does not achieve this "new" lifestyle of 1875 would certainly be a hypocrite.

I might follow.  But I suggest we let the leftist socialists go first...........More

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