Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Inevitability of Reality: The Tax Rebellion Begins

February 7, 2013 by Wayne Allyn Root 
Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Mr. Obama, you have a big problem. A tax rebellion has started…..Phil Mickelson….is worth in the vicinity of $100 million. Last year, he made almost $50 million. Yet he doesn’t want to pay California’s high taxes. ….Tiger Woods is …worth more than $1 billion…He recently admitted that he left California in 1996 for the exact same reason: high taxes.  Bob Arum announced that superstar boxing legend Manny Pacquiao’s next fight will not be in held in America. The man who makes tens of millions of dollars per fight refuses to pay Barack Obama’s higher U.S. income taxes. He is considering Mexico City, Asia, or Dubai for his next fight. Can you imagine?  Then, Tina Turner went public. She is renouncing her U.S. citizenship to become a citizen of Switzerland,….. The Obama tax-and-spend Ponzi scheme is imploding…… one year after the U.K. imposed a millionaire tax, two-thirds of the millionaires in England disappeared off the tax rolls…… millionaires are escaping France at a record pace…… the unhappiest people ….live in high-tax States. The happiest people happen to live in low-tax States……States without an income tax have significantly higher growth (59 percent versus 42 percent) over the past 10 years. They increased the number of jobs by 4.9 percent while jobs in the rest of the States declined by 2.6 percent……your dream is about to collapse…ask…. business owners in America….To Read More….

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