Friday, January 25, 2013

School Wants to Limit Parental Access to Children

Parents in suburban Nashville are furious after an elementary school announced plans to limit the number of times they could visit their children during lunchtime.  “Everyone is very frustrated, very angry,” parent Becky Rutland told Fox News. “I feel like it’s a violation of my rights as a parent.”  Rutland has four children who attend Clovercroft Elementary School in Franklin, Tenn. Like a number of other parents, she enjoys visiting her youngsters during their lunch period.  “They’re gone from me every day for seven or eight hours,” she explained, noting that occasional lunch time visits allowed her “to see them, to touch base with them and to know who their friends are.”  Under the new policy, a parent would only be allowed to eat lunch with their children twice during a nine-week period…..To Read More……
My Take - Interesting paradox, don't you think?  On one hand the teachers insist that the parents must get more involved with their children's education and on the other hand they don't want them doing it at school at lunch time.  Another complaint by the teachers - and I think a valid one - is that children are out of control because of a lack of parental discipline.  So then I think one has to ask:  Wouldn't the presence of parents at lunch have a positive impact on the actions and conduct of kids all through the day? 
Here is the real issue.  Who pays the bills?  Whose children are they? Are the parents answerable to the teachers or are the teachers answerable to the parents?  In short….who is in charge.  To understand the answers to those questions we have to understand that the ultimate goal of public education wasn’t primarily to teach children reading, writing and arithmetic, those were necessary secondary goals. The real goal was to teach them what to think, not how to think.  And since the 1890’s the goal has been to “make sure the apple falls as far away from the tree as possible”.  The goal was to eliminate anyone or anything other than the state as the ultimate moral authority, and that included the churches and the parents. 
This has always been the goal of the progressive vipers that became ensconced in the public education system since for over 100 years and after these decades of effort they have succeeded. 

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