Friday, January 18, 2013

Historical Fingerprints and Footprints of the Left

By Rich Kozlovich

Currently I am about five books behind on my reading, and yet I keep finding new books that will distract me from any form of discipline necessary to read those book still waiting on my shelf that need to be read.  Why?  Because there are books that come out that are so rich in information and insights that they are impossible to ignore. 

There are three books I am currently reading, "Silent Spring at 50", which I have almost finished,  by Meiners, Desrochers and Morriss.  This book has more background on Rachel Carson and the early movers of the modern environmental movement than I have read elsewhere.    

Then there is, “Trust Me I Am Lying”, by Ryan Holiday which is subtitled as “Confessions of a Media Manipulator”.  This was recommended to me by my friend Lonnie Alonso because he has so often heard me say that “everything you read in the newspapers and everything you see on the news is a lie. Mostly lies of omission, but they are also guilty of lies of commission”.  If you have any doubt this is true….read this book to see why this is so.

Finally, there was a book I ordered that was just delivered Tuesday, and I think lends a profound understanding of the actions and tactics of the left today, including the green left.  It is a wonderful fit with “A Man Called Intrepid”, which I just finished re-reading. 

This one is called “Stalin’s Secret Agents, The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government”, by M. Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein.  Below is a quote from this book that I think gives understanding as to how the left operates even now, including the green movement.  

Analogous to these developments were battles on the home front, as Communist and pro-Red forces were proclaimed as heroes or martyrs, while the people who opposed them were denounced as villains.  Thus ex-Communist witnesses Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, Louis Budenz and others were derided as ‘paid informers” liars, drunks, and psychopaths.  Similar allegations would be made against members of Congress, investigative committees, the FBI, media figures, and others who opposed the Communist program.  “Witch hunting” and Character assassination” were among the milder epithets hurled at the anti-Communist forces-providing yet another instance of pro-Red spokesmen accusing others of what they themselves were doing.

Nor were these the only victims of Red disinformation.  A further casualty would be the cause of historical truth, eroded by an ongoing process of falsification, corruption, and inversion.  Over the course of decades, Communist falsehoods about nations, people, and issues were repeated with such frequency and volume and from such seemingly divergent sources that many in non-Communist circles accepted them at face value.  Pages 62, 63. 

Replace the words Communists and Red forces with environmental activists and green advocates and see if there is any difference in their tactics.  One of the things we must remember - which they outline clearly in this book - none of this would be possible without the cooperation of academia, the media, corrupt government officials and civic organizations such as Non Governmental Organizations and tax exempt foundations.     Every person who abandoned the green movement has faced the nightmare of personal and professional attacks; Bjorn Lomborg probably being the best known example of such actions after he wrote his book,“The Skeptical Environmentalist”

No matter what, we must understand that the left only uses the truth when it is convenient, otherwise leftism has no real affinity f0r the truth because the truth may interfere with their goals.  

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