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Observations From the Back Row: 6-11-11


GOP candidate: Global warming is 'patently absurd'
Republican takes opposite view of Mitt Romney, who thinks mankind is responsible - Former Congressman and current Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum is turning up the heat on the issue of man-made global warming, calling it "patently absurd," a stance putting him at odds with perceived frontrunner Mitt Romney.

New Ethanol Mandates From Washington
Many have regarded ethanol to be the proverbial “fuel of the future,”….The Department of Energy began releasing data in 1997 determining that some of the benefits derived from ethanol don’t outweigh the costs, as researchers had previously believed. Ethanol may emit less pollution when burned in place of gasoline, but the Environmental Protection Agency reports that it releases carcinogens at far higher levels than they predicted when it’s created. Despite the abundance of new testimonies and information, however, both the federal and state government continue to support ethanol ardently, as our country’s energy messiah…..So, do the advantages of ethanol outweigh the costs? The answer, simply, is no. So, do the advantages of ethanol outweigh the costs? The answer, simply, is no. Aside from its counterproductive environmental effects and proven efficiency loss for each mile to the gallon, ethanol is a precarious investment for the government to force on us for several reasons:

The answer, my friend, ain't blowing' in the wind
Following the revelation that we’re all paying a secret stealth tax to subsidise so-called renewable energy sources, it seems like a good time to check out exactly what we are getting for our money.

At midday yesterday, wind power was contributing just 2.2 per cent of all the electricity in the National Grid. You might think that’s a pretty poor return on the billions of pounds spent already on Britain’s standing army of windmills. But it’s actually a significant improvement on the last time I checked the wholesale electricity industry’s official website. At the turn of the year, the figure was 1.6 per cent. During the cold snap the turbines had to be heated to stop them freezing and were actually consuming more electricity than they generated. Worth it? Wind power contributes just 2.2 per cent to the overall electricity of the National Grid

Even on a good day, they rarely work above a quarter of their theoretical capacity. And in high winds they have to be turned off altogether to prevent damage. Britain’s 3,426 wind turbines produce no more electricity than a single, medium-sized gas-fired power station. Any sane individual would conclude that wind generation is hopelessly inefficient and horribly expensive and stop throwing good money after bad. But when did sanity ever have anything to do with government policy?

Ministers are planning to install another 12,500 of these worse-than-useless windmills, some of them up to three times the size of existing monstrosities.

My Take - This whole thing has to strike those who have been following Anthropogenic Global Warming, or as it is called now, Climate Change, a bit strange. I read all of this stuff and I have to shake my head and laugh…only it isn’t laughter of humor….it is laughter of disgust.  Perhaps laughter is the wrong word to describe the sound I make.  I think perhaps a snort of disgust would be more appropriate.

It is clear that those who have been the biggest proponents of AGW have been bought and paid for by government grant money. It is also clear that they have outright lied, twisted the facts, hidden data to avoid exposure and conspired to promote fallacious conclusions about climate change. Yet we are still debating whether it is a valid concern or not.

Yes the climate warmed. How much in the last 150 years? Less than a degree! Yes, the climate appears to be cooling. How much…no one knows, but it is immaterial either way. The issue is this; is mankind responsible? It is clear that house or otherwise....don't hold heat. Gasses can be warmed by the surrounding environment, but they don't hold heat. Water vapor does....and it can hold a lot of heat.....but water vapor isn't produced by mankind through industrialization so no one makes a fuss about that.  To show that man had done irreparable damage the planet they have lied…..get over it….they have lied and they have been exposed. So why in the world would a man who would be President not come right out and say so?

Anyone who has been at the center of information for so much of their life and still doesn’t get this properly is either too stupid to be President or too dishonest to be President…. although I doubt that you could hit that honesty button too hard on any of them.

So why are we demanding that everyone continue down this road of irrationality regarding “alternative” energy sources? The driving force for this idiocy is AGW right now. The issue of diminishing resources for carbon energy sources has shown to be blatant nonsense….which a great number of us have known for years. We have more oil, natural gas and coal than we can use in 200 years. We also know that in order to have a stable and vibrant economy, and to revive today's economy we need energy….CHEAP ENERGY. Yet we follow maniacs who rave about the evils of carbon based energy, especially oil.

Make no mistake about this; we have plenty of oil right in the jurisdiction of the U.S., so energy self sufficiency is absolutely possible….if we drill. Furthermore without oil our lives would dramatically change for the worse. Oil is the basis for our modern society with all the benefits we enjoy, including an average life span that has doubled in the last 150 years.

I hear these politicos make the excuse that they aren’t scientists so they have to go along with the scientific community. Great…except that is horsepucky. There is no consensus on climate change….that is a lie and even if there really was absolute consensus in the scientific community it has nothing to do with this one reality; the AGW scare failed the history test. The climate has changed unendingly throughout the history of the planet. We have had global cooling and global warming forever, and at a higher level than anything we are experiencing right now, or in the foreseeable future.

During the Medieval Warming Period it was substantially warmer than it is now.  It was also warmer than the temperatures (which are based on computer models) the scare mongers are predicting for the future. Did all the terrible things they are predicting for today happen then? NO! Why should we believe that it will happen now? We shouldn’t! Furthermore it has been demonstrated that warmer is better; better for animals, plants and people.

So why are these people promoting nonsense that is easily seen to be junk science, damaging to the economy and detrimental to the societies they would lead? Good questions don’t you think? Well, I keep hearing the old Einstein quote about doing over and over again things that don’t work and expecting a different outcome is insanity. I think that must be the answer. They must insane; what other explanation fits the facts?


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