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Observations From the Back Row: 6-25-11


World Government: Not a conspiracy it’s actually Greens policy =To the people who say that those pushing the global warming agenda are using it and carbon taxes for “World Government” is a conspiracy theory, I think should take a look a “The Greens” policy titled: Global Governance. (see screen shot and link here )

My Take - I know, I know....there is no such thing as a conspiracy. I hear this often and I wonder who was the first person to coin that phrase. Then I wonder if they ever read a history book.

Are Current Risk Assessments Worth The Risk?
By the mid-1980s, most serious hazards to the environment in the First World had been addressed. As such, government agencies around the globe faced a big problem. What could they now focus on, to maintain—or even increase—their mission and budget?

And suddenly, the inspiration came, perhaps as a direct revelation from Gaia herself: The agencies would now focus on the risks (mainly of getting cancer) created by thousands of common chemicals.

The brilliance of this strategy cannot be overstated. People are afraid of cancer, and with good reason. In the United States, 44.29% of males and 37.76% of females will contract the disease some time in their lives, with 23.20% of males and 19.58% of females dying from it. Thus, labeling a chemical as "carcinogenic" is sure to garner plenty of attention, and make those Congressional budget reviews so much easier.

My Take - I think that it would be worthwhile to read An Interview With Dr. Jay Lehr, which appeared in The Standard, the quarterly newsletter of the Ohio Pest Management Association.

California’s Green Jihad
Ideas matter, particularly when colored by religious fanaticism, wreaking havoc even in the most favored of places. Take, for instance, Iran, a country blessed with a rich heritage and enormous physical and human resources, but which, thanks to its theocratic regime, is largely an economic basket case and rogue state.

Then there’s California, rich in everything from oil and food to international trade and technology, but still skimming along the bottom of the national economy……California was home to six of the ten regions where the economy is poised to get worse.

One would think, given these gory details, California officials would be focused on reversing the state’s performance. But here, as in Iran, officialdom focuses more on theology than on actuality. Of course, California’s religion rests not on conventional divinity but on a secular environmental faith that nevertheless exhibits the intrusive and unbending character of radical religion.

Greening Up Trade Shows!
At first blush, the notion of trade shows seems quite difficult to reconcile with this current era of Internet-enhanced media. After all, these events are said to date from medieval times, and are even referenced in the Old Testament.

The point being, of course, that absent mass communications, there was a real need for merchants and customers to get together—face-to-face—to do business, and introduce each other to new products and new requirements. With the advent of reliable mail service and the telephone, applications could be discussed, followed up with submissions of product literature and quotations.

With the mid-1980s came the wide availability of fax machines. Thus, documentary communications between buyer and seller became virtually instantaneous. As such, many marketers—and printing companies—wondered how much longer traditional product catalogs, let alone trade shows, would exist in their present form.

My Take - Is there anything more embarrassing to normal people than watching people who don’t really believe any of this green crap trying to be “Greener Than Thou” to impress those who hate them, i.e., the greenies.

We in pest control have suffered the same affliction from the abnormal within our ranks also. Abnormal; is that what I said? Well…..yes….that is exactly what I said! How else can you describe those who want to side with people who are working to eliminate over 90% of the world’s population? When you get right down to it, they want to eliminate everything that makes modern life possible, and furthermore, they have no viable alternatives to the things they wish to ban, or seriously restrict.  At least they have nothing to offer that is nearly as effective, and in many cases is more detrimental to the environment than the things they are against. If we put the greenies in charge we will get this:

How could anyone who is normal be a part of this movement? This is the fact of the matter….if you want to go green you are irrational and misanthropic. That is abnormal.


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