Sunday, August 12, 2018

Int’l Red Cross warns of food crisis in North Korea

By Thomas Lifson August 11, 2018

A heat wave in North Korea has led to rice, maize and other crops withering in the fields, “with potentially catastrophic effects”, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said on Friday.   The world’s largest disaster relief network warned of a risk of a “full-blown food security crisis” in the isolated country, where a famine in the mid-1990s killed up to three million people. It said the worrying situation had been exacerbated by international sanctions imposed due to North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs........

The real source of North Korea’s food shortage should be obvious: socialism. Just like Venezuela and Zimbabwe. But the patch of drought and heat no doubt is increasing pressure on Kim to fund a means of easing the sanctions and getting some food aid shipments. Dependence on foreign charity is not a good look for dictators negotiating with Donald Trump........... .....Read more

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