Saturday, July 15, 2017

Yet Another Mysterious Death of an Anti-Hillary Operative and GOP Donor

By Andrew West July 14, 2017

Political conspiracy theorists are going to have a heyday with the latest news out of Minnesota that discloses yet another mysterious death connected to Hillary Clinton. In recent weeks, the mainstream media has begrudgingly avoided the story of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer believed to have been responsible for a massive leak of democratic party emails to Wikileaks. These emails, along with a myriad of other concerns, contributed to dooming Hillary Clinton’s hopes of winning the White House in November of 2016. Rich was mysteriously murdered weeks after he was first suspected of the move toward political transparency in what police are referring to as a “botched robbery”. Causing confusion among those versed in the “robbery” is the fact that Rich’s wallet, cell phone, and watch were all still present on his body when it was found.......To Read More.....

My Take -  Did Billary really do this?  Ever since the Clinton's became political power houses there have been rumors of killings - or assisinatins if you will - of which they may have been a part.  Do I think they're capable of that kind of corruption?  Absolutely!  They're both psychopaths and only care about themselves, and are capable of doing whatever it takes to make their lives bigger and better, including murder.  Like all psychopaths, the more important their lives become the less important everyone else's becomes.

But here's the part I have some difficulty with.  Can anyone be so smart they can do this for decades and not get caught?  I really don't think they're that smart.  As for the lackeys they surround themselves with - like John Podesta and Huma - how many people really believe these are capable people?  Does anyone really believe they're capable of the planning and execution (no pun intended) of such schemes with impunity?  Maybe they've been able to corrupt every law enforcement agency in the nation - I don't know, but at this point  - I need more evidence. 

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