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The Media's "Bullying" Whine

July 7, 2017  Daniel Greenfield  16
"Bullying" is a common refrain by the media these days.
"She took the opportunity first thing off the bat to go after the media," he said. "She was trying to go after CNN specifically and the media in general. We've been called the enemy of the people from that White House, we've been told that we're fake news."
"We are bullied and browbeaten every day, and I pretty much have had enough of it," he said. "We can't take the bullying anymore. It's undermining the fourth estate, it's undermining the first amendment."
The media isn't being bullied. It's the bully. ...................To Read More....

Media Shocked to Discover Trump’s Tough Talk on Trade is… Working!
When we look back at CNN’s stumble into obscurity, there is one characteristic of the network that will be remembered as their Achilles’ heel: Their inability to choose the right battles. As Donald Trump was beginning to unravel the doomed democratic nominee Hillary Clinton back in 2016, CNN was provided with a foothold into the Trump resistance from Clinton herself, with her absurd and uncouthly interjected conspiracy theory that the eventual President was truly acting as a Russian operative. While completely dumbfounding on the surface, CNN chose to chase the story regardless, and picked a fight with a man who would go on to reside within the White House. ...........The sooner the world is rid of CNN, the sooner we may find partisan peace..........

FAKE NEWS NONSENSE: Media Minds Melted by Trump’s Putin Handshake

CNN Cuomo takes aim at online anonymity: ‘Own your words with identity’ July 5th, 2017
By Kyle Olson

A host who works for a network that has built its recent success on anonymous leaks critical of the Donald Trump administration is now condemning the notion of acting anonymously online.
After CNN investigated and exposed a Reddit user for creating a meme showing President Trump body-slamming a wrestler with the CNN logo superimposed over his face, CNN hosts and panelists rushed to buttress the stunning attack.  Morning host Chris Cuomo was one of the most vocal:...........

CNN host giddy after network threatens to expose Trump GIF creator
July 5th, 2017 By Kyle Olson While most people were celebrating America with their friends and families on July 4th, CNN was waging war against a Reddit user who supposedly created a GIF of Donald Trump body-slamming someone with the network’s logo superimposed over his face.
This is what started it all:.........

A random person created the silly gif of Trump body-slamming CNN, which President Trump then tweeted. It’s important to remember that this was the precipitating event that lead CNN to use its myriad resources to seek out the random person and threaten exposure and shame …for creating a stupid gif.    CNN’s editorial bias and noxious behavior predates the stupid gif. Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta got in a shouting match with President Trump. Trump, in turn, called CNN Fake News. Of course, “Fake News” is now, itself, a memeThere is tension................The Trump presidency has revealed much about the supposed hoary heads of the news media. Their nugatory natterings create self-marginalization. So be it..............

CNN Is Breeding a Post-Millennial Generation of MAGA-Loving Rebels
Tiana Lowe
It has become crystal clear that CNN still has no clue why Hillary and the establishment lost. On the Fourth of July, CNN managed to out-petty the president, further corrode its credibility, and kick-start the Trump 2020 ground game in one fell swoop. After President Trump tweeted a modified GIF of himself at an old pro-wrestling match, in which he is seen clobbering a man with the CNN logo superimposed on his head, CNN chose the low road. Rather than denounce the president’s tweet as unpresidential and move on with actual journalism, the network instead had a public, 72-hour meltdown, which included an inane hunt to punish the creator of the meme that apparently originated on r/The_Donald, a pro-Trump Internet forum on Reddit.............

The Media is Unprofessional, Incompetent and Useless

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