Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Left’s Misleading Green Jobs Claims

H. Sterling Burnett, Washington Times

Solar- and wind-generated power, being much more expensive than conventional fossil-fuel-generated electricity, would only be used sparingly if not for massive government subsidies. While fossil-fuel producers and users pay billions of dollars of taxes and fees to the government, renewable-energy sources are net tax sinks. But the most glaring problem for green-energy proponents is the jobs created by the wind- and solar-generated energy industries are wasteful and inefficient compared to traditional energy jobs...........Second, many of the jobs created in the solar and wind industries — from construction to power generation — are artifacts of various government interventions in the market. Consumer demand in the marketplace did not create these jobs; billions of dollars in federal government subsidies, tax breaks and loan guarantees were provided to build the factories that churn out wind towers, turbines and solar panels. Billions more were diverted to installing and partially paying for the electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels................ Read More.....

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