Friday, July 7, 2017

The Left’s Mental Midgets

Mental health leaders fail to speak out on the political outrages committed in the name of their profession.

Judah Friedman July 7, 2017

We should praise and give just due when the left does the right thing as it did this week. It was uplifting to hear all mental health groups rush to the defense of the President, after he was declared “mentally ill” and “shamed” in other ways by Democratic members of Congress. It was also encouraging to hear them defend the President from the daily assaults of the media, concerning his mental capacity, and how it was medical malfeasance for any doctor to diagnose, without actually meeting the patient.

Antonio E. Puente, head of the American Psychological Association, was quoted as saying: “Using mental health as a political weapon isn’t only demeaning to those with the disease, it can in fact prevent many, who suffer from mental illness, from getting help.” David Barbe, new head of the always partisan American Medical Association, offered the most critical of these attacks with his biting remarks of: “If you spot it, you got it.” Bravo Dr. Barbe, bravo.......To Read More....

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Left BS is not worth any time beyond wiping it off your shoes.