Monday, July 3, 2017

The Left’s Factions Increasingly Turning Their Sights on Each Other

Rachel Alexander Posted: Jul 03, 2017

As the left becomes more intolerant, its various factions are encountering more conflict with each other.
  • Black Lives Matter and other minorities create “spaces” where white people aren’t allowed — which exclude sympathetic white liberals.
  • Transgenders and feminists get into vicious fights over whether transwomen are really women.
  • Radical immigration groups crash LGBT marches.
  • Feminists on college campuses broadly paint male co-eds as rapists — even liberal men.
  • Comedians who routinely mock conservatives are finding themselves chased away from college campuses by snowflakes who don’t like their LGBT and race jokes.
  • Bernie Sanders’ supporters are investigating the mysterious death of former DNC staffer Seth Rich, while Hillary Clinton supporters ridicule them as conspiracy theorists.
The left’s dominant factions are even more likely to run into conflicts with each other as a result of the left taking over much of society. Since conservatives are increasingly blocked out of areas like education, the left is free to run rampant. For example, there is no longer a debate over whether to teach children encouraging messages about being LGBT in school. Instead, the debate is whether to include transvestites, polygamists and more controversial aspects of gender and sexuality in the discussion...............The left’s model is unsustainable. There is only so much hate and money from other people to go around. Eventually they will hate each other and run out of other people’s money  .......... To Read More....

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