Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Post-Fact World Is Also a Post-News World

By Alex Berezow — July 10, 2017

There has rightfully been much public discussion on how to fight back against the scourge of fake news. We at ACSH attempted to shed some light on the issue by publishing a guide to detecting fake science news.

Perhaps just as troubling as the spread of fake news is the proliferation of non-news; that is, fluff pieces with little to no news value that seem aimed at generating clicks. The worthwhile goal of informing the public about relevant global events, which is presumably the entire point of journalism, has been replaced by entertainment.

Obviously, this isn't a new development, but it seems to have gone into overdrive in recent years. To stay in business, media outlets need viewers. So, they give readers what they want, which apparently consists largely of pointless political bickering, epic acts of stupidity, and naked people......To Read More....

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