Saturday, July 15, 2017

Obamacare 4.0: Swampcare fixes zero & WILL lead to single-payer

by Daniel Horowitz
GOP Swampcare health care bill keeps the worst of Obamacare.
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There is nothing new about the revised Senate health care bill. It takes all the bad aspects of the original bill and makes them worse, albeit with a phony amendment designed to attract conservatives – an amendment that is nothing more than a talking point.

The core problem with the GOP bill is that it keeps every essential element of Obamacare. The core problem of Obamacare is that after the government already took over half of health care, the ACA made the remainder of the private market so heavily regulated, subsidized, and distorted that nobody could afford either health care itself or medical insurance without government assistance.

Rather than straight up single-payer for the other half of the country (half of health care is already single-payer), Obamacare created a monopoly for a handful of insurers to use the regulations to box out competitors but subsist themselves on guaranteed subsidies and bailouts secured by their lobbyists.........To Read More.....


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