Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No, China Isn’t Going to Lead

Being upset with President Trump is no reason to ignore China’s many problems.
Rich Lowry

The world has had its delusions about China over the years, but none quite as fantastical as the notion of Beijing assuming the mantle of global leadership.   Ever since Donald Trump’s election, it has been a journalistic trope to speculate that China is about to take the lead on globalization, climate change, and international diplomacy...........The Economist a little while ago dubbed.......When it comes to information (which Xi omitted from his litany), China cuts itself off from the rest of the world quite adeptly. According to the pro-democracy group Freedom House, China ranks last in the world in Internet freedom, behind Iran and Syria. It blocks Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and jails people for spreading rumors online, i.e., criticizing government officials...........Clearly, one motive for the dewy-eyed coverage of China’s purported leadership is a distaste for Donald Trump, who wears his disregard for the global elite on his sleeve. .........To Read More....

My Take - Okay, here we go again. These leftist journalists must all belong to the Club For the Galacticly Stupid. China has so many problems it's impossible for them to wear the mantle of world leader. They've no real economy except as an export economy. It's internal economy is based on total employment - not profitability - and that's going to catch up to them especially since their banking system is all a fraud.

They don't have nearly enough navigable rivers to make internal capital generation much easier. Most of their population lives in an area no bigger than the land mass East of the Mississippi River in the U.S. The rest of the country is either arid or mountainous and not that productive. Their technology for their new aircraft carriers is from Russia and that's 25 years behind. 

If any area of the world has a dramatic drop in their economy China will collapse into a warlords nation. The ethnic Han rule China and the rest of the ethnic groups hate them and consider the central government illegitimate, and that's not all of their internal problems, including they can't feed themselves, fuel themselves, or arm themselves without outside support. They're more than capable of defending themselves and their interests, as long as they don't have to leave their borders or go very far past those borders.  And they're not a blue water power. 

World leader? Not hardly! But the question everyone should be asking is this:  If a bugman knows all this how can these "journalists" not know it? Well, that's easy to answer.  Ideology makes smart people stupid.  And they don't seem to know a thing about history....or logical fallacies.   

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