Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It

By John Horvat II

Conservatives often complain about the lamentable state of their movement. They would do well to look left. Liberals are in greater trouble, and they know it.

The recent special electionsfor vacant House seats made this evident. The thrashing liberals received in the 2016 elections were also a sign of an inability to communicate their message........ The left exploits emotions and resentments, but can no longer be held to the logic of ideas........... liberals now admit that they have no vision.....[so they] engage in erratic and irrational behavior that alienates the population as a whole......the left lives upon this polarization. They only survive by hardening in their positions. It has reached a point where the more radical core does not wish to live in consensus with the right. It realizes that the minute it reaches a consensus, it is lost......

Conservatives also tend to crystallize around ideas of the past. However, these ideas do not resemble the hackneyed slogans of the left. These ideas involve the joyful rediscovery of what Russell Kirk referred to as those “permanent things” that never grow old. These values of courage, duty, courtesy, justice, and charity are forever ancient, forever new, since they owe their existence and authority to a transcendent God. Amid the present chaos, they attract people in search of certainties. They have the capacity of regenerating cultures in decay. ............. More

My Take - I disagree the left suffers from an ability to communicate their message. Their message "is" the problem, and those messages are old, tired and eventually become stunning failures. 

As for the ability of conservatives to crystallize around ideas of the past - I agree, that's key to any conservative success.

 History is the key to everything. Tell me the history on any issue - the entire history - and I will give you the answer. And one thing history clearly shows us is the only solid successful moral foundation the world has ever known - one that allows for good decision making - are based on Judaic/Christian values. 

That's why 'conservatives' like George Will and Charles Krauthammer drift so often into the World of Mordor - they're atheists.  Their houses are built on sand, which brings be to questions I think needs answering.   
  • Can it be possible to be a real conservative without being a Christian? 
  • Is it possible to be a Christain and a bad conservative?
  • Can someone claim to be a Jew or a Christian and a Democrat without being an heretic?
  • Can someone be a modern liberal without being a Democrat?
  • Is being a liberal today the same as being a leftist?
  • Was classical liberals of yore the same as modern liberals?'
  • Is it possible to be a leftist without being irrational, misanthropic and morally defective?
Answers:  No, yes, no, no, yes, no, no!

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