Sunday, July 9, 2017

Evergreen State Asks Profs to Take Protester's Feelings into Account When Grading Them

Katherine Timpf

Officials at Evergreen State University are asking professors to take the emotional commitment of students who had been involved in recent protests into account when determining their final  grades. Evergreen’s interim provost, Ken Tabbutt, made the request in an e-mail last semester, a copy of which was later obtained by Campus Reform.

In the e-mail, Tabbutt explains that the protests were “difficult for many” in the campus community, and that in particular, “students of color are clearly telling [them] that they do not feel that Evergreen is a safe place.” “The purpose of this email is to remind faculty that student protesters have diverted time and energy from their academic work to promote institutional change and social justice,” he wrote, adding that the “work of students that have not been involved in the protests may also have been affected” because “many feel that the campus is not safe.”.........Read more
My Take - I'm in total harmony with this idea.  Those who didn't protest but stayed at the task of studying to prepare themseles to face the future with hard work should be failed.  And those who failed to do the work assigned because they were out protesting should be give A's. 
Because even the loons who send their kids there would realize Evergreen is an insane asylum being run by the inmates.  Eventually they would be out of the education business and no longer be able to contaminate young people's minds with insanity.   I only hope it's already started.

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