Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Don’t Forget: Politico PROVED that One Candidate Colluded with a Foreign Government in 2016

By Jeff Dunetz July 11, 2017

The MSM is all over the story of the Donald Trump Jr. arranged meeting with a Russian attorney who may or may not have strong ties to the Russian government, and that Jr. may or may not have known was even Russian before the meeting.  If one was to believe the tenor of the MSM reports they would believe that Donald Jr. knew he was meeting with a Russian spy and colluded with her to damage the Clinton effort, and at the same time provided her with some of America’s greatest secrets such as, and including the ingredients to Colonel Sanders secret fried chicken recipe, all the while that for the past six months they’ve ignored the Politico exclusive about the Clinton campaign’s serious collusion with the government of Ukraine to destroy Trump’s candidacy.

On January 11th Politico reported:.......To Read More....

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