Friday, July 7, 2017

CNN Picked The Wrong Fight, Staff Has Personal Info Leaked to Public

By Andrew West July 6, 2017

CNN highly unethical threat against a Reddit user has had incredibly appropriate consequences for the doomed network. The mainstream media stalwart has been under increased scrutiny in recent weeks, due to their utterly apparent lack of decorum and journalistic responsibility in the era of President Donald Trump. Their most recent and egregious lapse in morality came after the President retweeted an animated .gif file this week that portrayed himself applying a serious beating to wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin with a CNN logo superimposed on his face.

While many in America felt that the President was simply further demonstrating his frustration with the unkempt and unraveling mainstream media, CNN took far more offense to the satirical imagery, and did they unthinkable:  They tracked down the meme’s maker and threatened to reveal his identity to the world.  Of course, given the extremely violent condition of the radical left in our modern age, revealing this information would likely constitute a grave threat to the imagery’s creator.
CNN quickly learned a lesson that many others had already known:  You don’t pick a fight with Reddit......To Read More.....

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