Wednesday, July 5, 2017

China's Hidden Debt Bubble

By Mike Konrad July 4, 2017

Most people think the United States is the nation most heavily in debt. But if one looks at per capita values, the USA is far from the worst. The worst now looks like it may be China.

According to the World Atlas, the United States does not even make the top 10. What is truly scary is Japan, which has an incomprehensible 248% debt to GDP ratio.
Some other notable high debt to GDP ratios include that of the US at 105.8%, Jamaica at 124.3%, Cape Verde at 119.3% and Bhutan at 115.7% (because of its reliance on Indian financial assistance). Troubled European nations such as Cyprus, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal also have troubling ratios. -- Nomad Capitalist.
According to Market Realist, Greece, Italy, Portugal, France, and Spain are in worse shape than America, with the UK and Belgium not far behind. Another chart shows that the USA is not the worst in household debt to GDP............To Read More....

My Take - For years I've been reporting China's economy is headed for serious trouble, and I've been reporting there's going to be a worldwide economic collapse.  When that happens China will cease to exist as we know it. 

There's only one country in the world that's capable of being self-sustaining and that's America.  We can feed ourselves, fuel ourselves, arm ourselves, and defend ourselves and can do so without needing the rest of the world.  The biggest real problem are the lone wolves out there including terrorists and countries like N. Korea.  Both will  have to be dealt with serious force....make no mistake about that.  It's inevitable! 

But there's one more thing to recognize.  The U.S. will not be engaging in every issue in the world with military force in the name of morality or international harmony - neither of which exists in the rest of the world.   

The time will come soon when U.S. armed force will only be used when it's to the direct benefit of the U.S.  Let the rest of the world fix it's own problems because it's abundantly clear we can't and they won't let us, so we need to stop wasting American lives and American money.  Let them collapse on their own weight of irrational behavior.  

If they want to be communists, socialists, Muslims or anything else they may like - let them - but keep them over there, keep them poor, keep them isolated and keep them unarmed as much as possible. 

We really don't need them, and that includes Europe!

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