Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Really Are the Life Savers?

By Rich Kozlovich

Man's method of survival – transforming nature to meet his needs – must be defended against environmentalism's attack. - Onkar Ghate.

The spraying of pesticides is not needed because they don’t work! How many times have we heard one of the green activists spout this kind of nonsense?

Chikungunya fever is a crippling mosquito transmitted disease that was rapidly spreading on islands of the Indian Ocean. As of February 4, 2006 the French island of Reunion had 50,000 cases of this viral disease with 15,000 in the previous week.

So, what did the local officials do? Did they call Greenpeace to ask their advice and get some financing to help with this growing health problem? Perhaps they contacted Earth Liberation Front, The Sierra Club, Earth Wildlife Federation or Friends of the Earth? Maybe they called the the first head of EPA, Bill Ruckelshaus, the man who banned DDT; or his friends at Environmental Defense (formerly Environmental Defense Fund) and ask them what should be done?

Wait! I just had a thought.  These groups collectively claim that their anti-pesticide positions are based on a concern for human health.  If so, how many of these environmental groups contacted them? They seem to have all the answers. Why weren’t they on the scene helping to eliminate this problem with some Integrated Pest Management scheme or some natural remedy such as garlic and bay leaves?

The reason they aren’t called by those who actually have the responsibility to solve problems; and the reason Greenies don’t call them is because Greenies are only good at finding fault. They are terrible at finding solutions! Especially solutions that eventually they themselves will find fault with at some later date; which is an important point, since all of their solutions seem to cause a lot more problems than they solve.

What was left to do then? The island government activated the army to spray pesticides to kill the mosquitoes. When it is all said and done there is only one conclusion, one view that bears the weight of science, one action that can stand unashamedly in the spotlight of history and bear the weight of time. The extensive use of pesticides! Pesticides are needed and must be sprayed because pesticides work! Pesticides and pesticide applicators save lives. Let’s say this again. Pesticides and pesticide applicators save lives. Those societies that have flourished are societies that have been heavy pesticide users. This bodes well the question: who are the killers here; pesticide applicators or environmental activists?

When are we going to stop listening to these people? In England they complain that there are too many drugs on the market that have not been child tested. These are the same people that go ballistic when the thought of finding out what the impact pesticides actually have on children through passive testing. Passive testing means that they would just watch the health of children where pesticides are already being used in their homes. What’s wrong with that?

It doesn’t help them to attain their goal, which is to create havoc, not find out whether pesticides, drugs or anything else are safe for children. The most frightening thing for the activists would be that it would be discovered there was no negative health impact on children’s lives as a result of appropriate applications of pesticides. Worse yet, they fear it might show that their health is better than children in homes of the same socioeconomic group where pesticides are not used.

Why do they fear this? They fear it because they know it to be true. If these kinds of studies are allowed they will be out in the cold because nothing appeals to the emotions more than protecting children. Out go their claims of disaster. Out goes their influence in the media. Out goes their ability to sway an uninformed and gullible public. Out goes their influence with government officials. Worse yet, out goes their ability to scare the people, and along with that; out goes their income because funding will dry up. This leaves the worst case scenario for them. Now they would be faced with a real and legitimate disaster. They would actually have to go out and get a real job.

Many of their claims regarding pesticides and good health have been studied and have already been dismissed because these claims were shown to be junk science. Yet they continue to spew them out via the media. It is important that we know in our own minds that most of what we see on the news and read in the newspaper are lies. Not necessarily lies of commission, although they have been guilty of that also, but mostly lies of omission. They have the tendency to leave important information out.

We simply cannot blindly accept what we are told! We cannot blindly go along with the greenies! We cannot blindly follow those in leadership positions who tell us we have to go along with the greenies either. Their misanthropic history has shown that they have been the greatest source of preventable dystopia in the modern history of mankind. Let me repeat that so they you will know this isn’t a slip of the tongue. “Their misanthropic history has shown that they have been the greatest source of preventable dystopia in the modern history of mankind”. With the toll of death, sickness and misery they have exacted around the world, why should we believe anything they have to say regarding what constitutes good health for society?

History is clear as to the multiple benefits pesticides provide. History is also replete with tales of what happens when pesticides are withdrawn. This bodes well the questions; where is the moral compass of those who attack pesticides? Where is the moral compass of those within the industry who go along with the greenies? Pesticides and pesticide applicators are what save lives! Not greenie mysticism!

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