Monday, January 7, 2019

Trans-Right: Mitch McConnell’s Complicity with Democrats

By January 5th, 2019

The partial government shutdown is well into its second week. And given the mix of Democrat enthusiasm and complete Republican apathy, it looks like it may stay that way for a while.   Ask any reporter or Capitol Hill staffer who has worked through previous government shutdowns, and we’ll all tell you the same thing about this one: it’s bizarre.

Government shutdowns are generally characterized by a pervasive sense of urgency and frazzled, frantic negotiations. Beleaguered members tramp back and forth to the White House and hold daily press conferences, both chambers hold late-night sessions for votes and speeches, and, of course, everyone howls on cable news. But, minus a few exceptions on the cable news networks, hardly any of this has occurred.

Instead, the clock chimed on the shutdown and Congress just went home. The Republican House, in a last-minute Hail Mary, passed a government funding bill that included the president’s requested $5 billion in wall funding. But upon receiving it, the Republican Senate collectively yawned and packed up for home on December 21. They didn’t come back until 4 p.m. on January 2............the wall, or anything else related to Trump’s immigration agenda, isn’t a McConnell priority............ McConnell has instead chosen to ignore it...........Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) are already pushing for passage of the House Democrat bill, and publicly chastising their own party for failing, essentially, to concede to all Democrat demands................To Read More.....

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