Monday, January 7, 2019

The Trans-Right Tantrum

By  |  January 4th, 2019

In a now familiar scenario, a man with a cherished sense of identity, understanding himself to be something that he’s not, threw a tantrum because someone else refused to play along.

It’s true that the experience of “playing pretend” can be diminished, when someone else refuses to be part of your fantasy world. Most of us learn to cope with this crushing kind of disappointment around age four. Indeed, we might often extend the courtesy of playing along with 4-year-olds, for that reason. Grownups, however, need to keep that sort of hobby within a circle of fellow
enthusiasts—like Civil War reenactors. In everyday life, the rest of us have no obligation to suspend disbelief for them.

Which brings me to that tantrum. The tantrum I have in mind, was thrown by a prominent member of that increasingly-besieged group, the Trans-Right.   Now, the Trans-Right blend with conservatives; they dress, speak, behave like and sometimes vote with conservatives; they think of themselves, adamantly, as conservatives. And it’s important to them—dreadfully important!—that the rest of us “play along.” They become angry if we refuse............The current president, however, has shaken the Trans-Right to its foundations..........To Read More.....

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