Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Original Social Justice Warrior: Father Charles Coughlin

January 8, 2019 By Jeff Lipkes

The most notorious American anti-Semite of the 1930s was Father Charles Coughlin, the charismatic pastor of Shrine of the Little Flower in suburban Detroit. In 1934, Father Coughlin founded the National Union for Social Justice, which published a weekly newspaper, "Social Justice." Two hundred thousand people read the paper, and as many as 30 million tuned in to his Sunday broadcasts. Tens of thousands joined the Social Justice Councils that were established nationwide.

Social Justice reprinted excerpts from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, discredited in the Anglo-American world for fifteen years.

 Ten days after Kristallnacht, Coughlin blamed the Jews for the pogrom, citing statistics provided by Nazi publications. Gentiles had finally wised up to the people who ran both Wall Street and the Kremlin. The alliance between the "banksters" (Coughlin coined the term) and the Bolshies may have seemed unlikely, but it only demonstrated how devious and relentless the Jews were in their efforts to destroy Christianity and the West...............

Laws originally attempted to make the process fair and efficient, though there would always be an element of luck. "Social justice" means fixing the results. The criteria will always be arbitrary. Take affirmative action.............  The next time you run across the cant phrase "social justice," think about Father Coughlin, and remember that the rights for which SJWs demonstrate are paid for with other people's money and other people's blood..............To Read More...

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