Monday, January 7, 2019

Paul Driessen on The Endangerment Finding

The Trump Administration quickly moved the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords, turned off the Obama era’s regulatory fire hose, and initiated repeal and replacement of the Clean Power Plan. It was an auspicious beginning. However, the administration’s failure to re-examine the science underlying EPA’s climate change Endangerment Finding means that a new pro-regulatory, anti-fossil fuel administration could easily pick up the climate change sledgehammer the first day it is in office – and use it to dramatically roll back our carbon-based fuel use … and the jobs and living standards that depend on that energy.

In this article, Bill Kovacs sets out a series of administrative steps that American citizens could – and should – undertake under the Information Quality Act and other federal laws, to persuade or force the administration to release the underlying studies and supporting data for the Endangerment Finding, much of which has never been made public for proper, necessary review and analysis.

Once the studies are released, experts hired by concerned public citizens could peer review the most influential climate data and let the facts speak for themselves. This could help ensure that actual facts guide our future energy and climate decisions, instead of fear mongering, political spin and the silencing of anyone skeptical of “dangerous manmade climate change.”

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