Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Media silent after fake 'hate crime' involving the murder of a little girl, exposed

January 7, 2019 By Rick Moran

The shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes in Houston set off a media frenzy when the mother and sister of the victim described the shooter as a white male, "with blue eyes, a thin build and no beard. They say he 'looked sick' with sunken cheekbones and a pale face with a 'five o'clock shadow.' He was wearing a black hoodie."

The sister was even more helpful, giving authorities enough information to develop a sketch of the "killer" who, the mother says, "intentionally" targeted her daughter.   Authorities arrested Robert Cantrell, whose red pickup truck was identified by the mother as the vehicle the shooter fired from.  Justice done? Not exactly. A few hours after Cantrell was picked up, authorities arrested two black men for the crime. ABC13:...........

The media have gone silent about the mistaken identity angle of the story despite the coverage they gave the killing of Jazmine Barnes and the detailed description the mother gave authorities of the killer. In fact, there has been no mention of the mother's original description of the killer at all.

Cantrell's pickup was near the scene, so it's excusable that the mother and sister believed he may have been the killer. But there's no excuse for the media bias in this case that turned a local tragedy into a national race drama. All too easily, the media fall for these stories, especially when the "right" people push the racial angle to them ..........Read more

My Take - When I first saw this my first thought was:  Why is it there's no rioting, or at the very least a huge public demonstration, when blacks kill black children in these drive by shootings?  Of which there's been a lot of over the years.  Now we know it was not a white man who did this, so now there's no outrage and no big public demonstration with tears, threats and demands.  Why?  Because race baiting is big business for race baiters. 

Did this poor child's life now all of a sudden become less important because she was murdered by blacks?  Did the murder of this poor child become less horrendous because she was murdered by accident?  Did the fact of this being a black on black crime stop being an issue of "Social Justice"?

This is just one more example of why we need to treat the main stream media and these misfits who they've colluded with promoting all this racial disharmony with utter contempt.

 This sowing of racial animis is destroying every thread of social harmony in American society.  At some point this is going to come to a head to everyone's detriment. 

"When you sow the wind you reap the whilrwind". 

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