Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Keep It Closed for Two Years

Mr. President, keep it closed as long as you have to, and maybe even longer than that.

Dov Fischer January 7, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I am enjoying the 25% Government shutdown. I really am. This is the closest we ever may come to demonstrating how much of our Government is wasteful, unnecessary, duplicative, and pointless.

As but one example — only from the 25% now shut down — we simply do not need a federal Department of Education. States and municipalities can and should run education at the local level.

Under conservatives, a federal Education Department — at best — does nothing that justifies its existence; under liberals, it works to destroy civil rights and the national culture.

Consider how Obama took away the rights of students on campus wrongly accused of sexual assault. Suddenly, they lost their rights to demand certain evidence, to examine witnesses, to confront accusers. Now that we live in a Red Scare era — where the Left are the scare — extreme feminists wield an old tool that goes back to the Biblical account of the wife of Potiphar: If you are angry at someone, just falsely accuse him of attempting rape. It got her a mention in the Torah, and several thousand years later it got Perjury Blasey Ford almost a million bucks on crowd-funding, to go with her five million dollars’ worth of California real estate.......To Read More....

My Take - A few years ago I was at a conference and had an opportunity to talk very briefly to Pat Buchanan and Donna Brazile, and commented that the only time the nation was safe was when the Congress was gridlocked and Ruth Bader Ginsburg was fast asleep on the bench.   Nothing has changed, except I should have added, when there's a government shut down. 

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